Planning meetings and organizing the activity of the board of directors is an important part of communication between a leader and subordinates. Moreover, when properly organized, they increase the effectiveness of decision-making or problem-solving. So, how can board software be used for these purposes?

What is a board of directors software?

This year, for the first time, companies are faced with the need to transfer all working processes to remote mode, including the office, document flow, and corporate management. It has become fundamentally possible thanks to automation, and the introduction of board portal software used to ensure the activities of boards of directors.

The board software is a digital solution designed to describe, execute and control business processes, store business-critical documents, and provide a secure collaborative environment. The software’s main purpose is to automate the processes of preparing and holding meetings and meetings of collegiate bodies, as well as the formation of an electronic archive of meetings with differentiated access to it.

An important feature of the board of directors software is holding meetings in person or by poll (“in working order”). Participants of the meeting can also work remotely using telecommunication channels. Full-fledged work with meeting materials and meeting participation is possible using a special mobile application from a portable tablet computer running iOS or Android.

When working remotely, there are additional wishes for the functionality of the board of directors’ software and questions that need to be addressed. They are related to ensuring transparency, effective communication, and so on. Thus, let’s analyze the most common reasons to use such digital solutions in the business.

Online meeting for the board of directors

When preparing and holding meetings, a lot of time is spent forming the agenda and minutes and sending instructions. The “Meetings” module will relieve the secretaries and chairmen of the meetings from the routine and will allow:

  • quickly create an agenda and minutes from the meeting card;
  • use templates to quickly prepare meeting documents;
  • transfer decisions for execution in a couple of clicks: the system itself creates instructions according to the protocol;
  • track the status of meeting work using convenient monitoring tools.

For the meeting, the secretary creates a card that will allow you to access all the information on the meeting and monitor the implementation of decisions. The agenda is formed directly from the card, and information about time, duration, place, and participants is automatically transferred to the document. All safety and security requirements are taken into account. The possibility of integration with various external systems (electronic document management system, corporate directories, office telephone network, etc.) is provided.

Collaborative work with documents

The organization of joint work is one of the most pressing issues in remote mode. The board software has a separate tab for comments, and thus all questions related to the document are collected in chronological order in one place. Thanks to this, users will not miss anything and will not get confused. They see what stage the document is at and what version is current.

Access to all the necessary documents, regardless of where the originals are located and when they were created, is one of the main advantages of this business management software. At the same time, the ability to easily find the document of interest is equally important. In the board portal for this, it is enough to enter keywords in the search box. The system also provides the ability to restrict user access to documents.

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